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Jay-Z say it ain’t so…well HOV, we guess world domination ain’t the only thing the Illuminati is skillful in, and apparently their skills extend into the world of time travel as well.  As evident is this 1939 Sid Grossman photo named “Harlem Loiterers” from the Prints Collections at the Schomburg Center for Research In Black Culture where a gentleman who eerily “resembles” Jay-Z  is perched on a iron fence in front of a brownstone.  But wait…did you hear, the photo is from 1939!  So either this is an early photo of his long lost father, grandfather, or uncle.  Or a well edited photoshop creation, or like we like to believe…aliens and the Illuminati have been in bed for many years and they use Jay-Z as an ambassador to control the masses so their most diabolical plan can be implemented without resistance.   Well either way join the conversation on who this is on the Center’s Facebook page….

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